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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel and refers to a system of seven basic energy centers that carry energy, or prana, throughout the body. Open and balanced chakras lead to optimal health, vitality and consciousness.


The fifth chakra: Sound, creative identity, oriented to self-expression. Known as the throat chakra, it is related to sound, communication, self-expression and vibration. It reminds us to communicate mindfully and positively.

When out of alignment, we may feel afraid to express ourselves, create blockages or be overly talkative and self-righteous. If functioning properly, communication and creativity come to life through self-expression; inner hearing and intuition.

This chakra is linked to the color blue and to the planet Mercury. It responds to multi-layered chanting, choirs and symphonies.

I breathe in creativity and healthy communication. I joyously allow the full and free expression of my true nature to come forth as I embody the power of the spoken word.

Blue lace agate is a beautiful stone with a soft gentle energy that helps us express ourselves in a calm peaceful manner. Helps ease internal pressure and built up energies.
Sodalite helps access intuitive knowledge and helps with self-awareness and understanding.
Moonstone connects our emotions and our self-expression for inspiring and moving work, art, music and our other creative endeavors.


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