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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel and refers to a system of seven basic energy centers that carry energy, or prana, throughout the body. Open and balanced chakras lead to optimal health, vitality and consciousness.


The fourth chakra: Air, social identity, oriented to self-acceptance. The heart chakra is the central chakra and holds the function of learning to love ourselves and others unconditionally as we open to compassion and universal love.  It is also the integrator of opposites.

If this chakra gets out of balance, we may feel unworthy of love, punish ourselves or be overly dramatic and possessive in our relationships. When functioning, we live in a world that reflects love, beauty and harmony.

This chakra is linked to the color green and is ruled by the planet Venus. It responds to the openness and acceptance known as bodhicitta or "complete openness of mind."

I breathe into the depth of my own loving heart as I open to the beauty, harmony and compassion that is reflected around me. I am grateful.

Rose quartz gives a gentle soothing energy that helps to heal emotional wounds, helps in developing self-love and helps open to unconditional love.
Malachite encourages compassion and aligns us with the will of the divine, helps us to operate out of love and not manipulation.
Gold is a great conductor of energy and can help repair damage at a cellular level.


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