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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel and refers to a system of seven basic energy centers that carry energy, or prana, throughout the body. Open and balanced chakras lead to optimal health, vitality and consciousness.


The sixth chakra: Light, archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection. Also called the third eye, it is located between and slightly above our eyes. This chakra means 'to know' and refers to telepathy and intuition. Once awakened, there is liberation and a consciousness that is limitless.

If this chakra is functioning poorly we may become overly logical, authoritarian or close-minded. If functioning, we feel highly intuitive, in touch with our soul's purpose, and may experience unusual phenomena.

This chakra is linked to the color indigo and the planets Neptune and Jupiter. Deep chanting, mantras, music or sound that helps you to visualize work best with this chakra.

I breathe in my inner knowing which allows me to clearly see my truth in every moment. I am highly intuitive and in touch with my soul's purpose.

Lapis lazuli helps with detaching and meditating into uncharted depths of emptiness where a wealth of information can be accessed.
Clear quartz works on all chakras and amplifies the energy of other stones. Encourages higher states of consciousness and helps move energy through the entire system.
Gold is a great conductor of energy and can help repair damage at a cellular level.


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