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These beautiful long malas are made of semi-precious beads with knotted silk cord and sterling silver. The Guru bead, the 109th larger bead, symbolizes our spiritual source. Each mala comes with its own life affirming mantra ("prayer" in Sanskrit) and represents a convergence of ancient spiritual tradition and modern beauty. The beads are held in the left hand - and touched one by one as the mantra is repeated.

Wearing your mala and reciting your mantra is a constant reminder of the sacred within you.

jade, carnelian, and garnet
{prosperity motivation, success}
mantra: my natural state is abundance and ease


garnet and clear quartz
{health, success, relationship}
mantra: I am vibrantly healthy and joyfully successful


blue lace agate and clear quartz
{peace and creativity}
mantra: I am peaceful, present and open


rose quartz and amethyst

faceted rose quartz and clear quartz
{love of the beloved: you}
mantra: I am connected through love


Also available in rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, and smokey quartz
~ images coming soon ~



rose quartz and amethyst
{love of the beloved: you}
mantra: I am the radiant light of love embodied in human form.

amethyst and rose quartz
{spiritual awareness and love}
mantra: I am the embodiment of grace and sovereignty

clear quartz and amethyst
{clarity and manifestation}
mantra: with clarity and focus, I bring my dreams to life

smokey quartz and garnet
{grounding and protective}
mantra: I am grounded, guided and confident

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