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The Meaning of Malas: The word "mala" means "a garland of flowers". Traditionally, a mala consists of 108 semi-precious beads or seeds that can be worn about the neck, and 27 for one worn on the wrist. The larger bead, sometimes attached to a tassel, is symbolic of the spiritual source and is called the guru bead. In Asian countries, they are considered sacred objects worthy of veneration, much like the rosary is in the west. They are also beautiful objects of adornment.

Malas are used to count the number of mantras or prayers recited during meditation and ritual practice. There are volumes of sacred literature written on the spiritual benefits of mantra recitation. The mala is infused with spirit as it is used through the integration of body, speech and mind. One can imagine that with each bead a lotus flower is opening, a symbol of the blessing unfolding and love awakening in the heart.

Our beautiful malas, the touchstone of Eastern spirituality, are blended with the healing energy and elegance of semi-precious and seed beads to bring you your perfect vibrational combination.
Wearing your prayer beads and reciting your mantra every day for 21 days will inspire new patterns and beliefs, as well as serving as a daily reminder of your own true nature - you are the change that has been waiting to happen!

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